Sunday, October 6, 2013

Peter Senese: A Christmas Letter Of International Child Abduction

Peter Thomas Senese of the I CARE Foundation explores the scheme of an international parental child abductor.

Let me first say this: over the years and the large number of families the I CARE Foundation and I have provided assistance to concerning child abduction, no two cases are alike. However, there are many issues and challenges that are common in many cases of attempted or actual abduction.

I have compiled a fictional letter that portrays the mind of a child abductor intent on abduction during the Christmas Holiday Season.

My Dear Spouse,
In all  honesty, as this letter will be as direct and to the point as I can possibly make it, know the use of  the word 'dear' in my salutation to you is a cruel joke for in reality not only do I loathe you as you are nothing 'dear' to me, but truth is that the contempt I hold for you is so extreme that I will seek to destroy every part of who you are: your career, your status in your community, your spirit, your financial nest-egg, and most of all any identity your children hold toward you as being a good person. In fact, the greatest Christmas Holiday gift I will ever give to myself is the gift of teaching your children how to hate you.

Merry Christmas!

Babe (as in the pig), since I am gone, and there is no way you're ever going to get your children back, let me tell you how I am going to take away from you the one thing in the world you cherish more than anything: your children.

First, you know I have passports for them from my home country that you do not know about. I do not keep them at our home. I am way to smart for that.  And as for the passports issued from their home-country, they are in the same exact place as you have put them a year ago. I don't need those passports. In fact, I will let you do the dirty work for me.


By making you an accomplice to my scheme.

Though things have been somewhat cold in our intimate time together, I will begin to warm up to you. This I will do in late September or early October. I will make you think I love you. That I want to have things work out between us. That perhaps .... it would be good for our relationship that during Christmas that we travel as a family to my home country so our children can see and spend time with my side of the family.

We will pack lots of items: in fact I will have you ship items to my families house on my behalf.   And of course, I will conceal that I am taking the most valuable items we own with me as well.

By the way, do you remember that big fight we had 3 months ago? Well, you are right. I did antagonize you. I wanted you to fight with me.  Sorry that I had to file that police incident report stating that I was scared of you. I wasn't. But you should be terrified of me.  You see, I will use that incident report when I get to my home country, and it will act like a hot knife cutting through butter. Except my spirit will act like the knife and your identity will be the butter.

Babe, can you do me a favor? Make sure you pack the children's electronic games. You know how my parents are so backwards. At least if the kids have their video games we can keep them preoccupied and go have some fun 'alone' time together when we get back to my country.

You're so sweet. I am so excited! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making this trip possible!

I love you too!

I can't believe we're now at the airport. I had you ship 4 boxes. What a fool you are. Now I have a second defense I will use against you when I don't return back to this horrible place you call home. You see, since you shipped the items, I will say you actually knew we were relocating and had consented to allowing me and the children to relocate. Why else would you ship over 120 pounds of items not to mention the 6 suitcases we have?

Oh ... I also shipped 4 other boxes. But you'll find that out in court soon enough.

Court? Of course. And it will happen sooner than you think.


Well, within the first day of us being at my parents, I will say you hit me. That you threatened my life. And that I am terrified of you. I will say you have done this before. Luckily I have the police report from 3 months ago with me.

And when the police come to arrest you, the attorney I have been working with for the past 6 months will seek a restraining order against you so you can't come near me, our children, or my family.  I will also file for divorce. And I will seek for the court in my home country to take jurisdiction of the children's welfare due to the grave risk that has happened.

Of course they will do so because you knew we were relocating. And of course they will do so because you are a monster.

And so, while you're in jail, I will begin to tell the children how you tried to kill me. And how you want to kill them. 

They will fear you.  But you will fear me.

Merry Christmas Babe.

I got you, Babe.


The I CARE Foundation is sending out an early Fall warning to parents around the world that the Christmas Holiday Season is the second most significant time of year when thousands of children around the world are targeted for international parental child abduction.

The planning for abduction by a parent intending to wrongfully retain a child abroad is occurring now ... several months prior to a planned trip.  So parents need to beware of the warning signs of abduction.

There are not enough words that I can express to urge all parents to utilize the I CARE Foundation's International Travel Child Consent Form for all children traveling abroad as this new groundbreaking tool is the best abduction prevention tool a parent will have when dealing with matters of possible abduction abroad.

Remember, now is the time when parents scheming to abduct a child abroad set their plan in motion.  Sadly, many of these schemes will include having the targeted parent travel with the abducting parent to the abducting parent's country of origin. Once there, they will create a terrible scheme that may very well include lies that will cause local law enforcement to detain you. And while you are detained abroad, that abducting parent will seek jurisdiction of the child in the country you all traveled to, citing danger to both their and the child's welfare. This tactic is very common - don't think it can happen to you.

This is what the Secretary General of the Hague Convention said about the I CARE Foundation's International Travel Child Consent Form:                        

"I have had the possibility to look at the travel form and must say that I am impressed: this is the most comprehensive document of its kind that I have seen so far and there is little doubt in my mind that this is a most valuable and important effort to prevent child abduction. I applaud your efforts and wish to congratulate you and your team . . . It is really impressive to see how quickly your international travel child consent form has started to yield practical results and how well you monitor its operation - this really is remarkable." 
            - Secretary General Mr. Bernasconi of the Hague Convention On International Private Law -

Educate yourself. For more information, please visit the I CARE Foundation's website.

Kind regards to all,

Peter Thomas Senese